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Green Technology Leads to More Jobs

The global demand for batteries is expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years. We cannot make the conversion to clean energy without first acknowledging the need for energy storage and transfer (better batteries and a smarter grid). Despite the important role these parts play in green energy, the economic impact of this domestic […]

November 24th

The Story of Sustainability

We’ve all heard of The Story of Stuff. But The Story of Sustainability? This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Dennis Paige, founder of Swiftdeer-Paige, at Inn Serendipity to share a program on storytelling with our community of friends and family. Awarded the 2008 Grassroots Conservation Leadership Award from the Audubon-Chicago Region and […]

August 5th

White House to Plant Organic Vegetable Garden

ABC news’ Brian Hartman has reported what many have been wishfully waiting to hear for months: the Obamas will soon plant an organic vegetable garden on the White House South grounds. Following a 60 Minutes interview with Chez Panisse chef, renowned slow foodist and activist for improved national eating habits in the US, Alice Waters, […]

March 18th

The Change We Brick: Three Lessons for Obama from Legoland

Over 2,500 miles west of Washington D.C. this week in sunny Carlsbad, California, the new Obama presidency commemorates a different type of inauguration, compliments of Legoland. The Master Model Designers behind Miniland U.S.A. – the section of this theme park that depicts Lego versions of various American landmarks – dressed up the model of the […]

January 21st

Green Eggs and Change: Five Reasons Why the Obamas Should Feature Sustainable Agriculture at the 2009 White House Egg Roll

It’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for President-Elect Barack Obama. Despite all the rainbow of pomp and circumstance surrounding the upcoming inauguration, he’s walking into a dark storm of problems and crisis, wrapped in a hefty price tag. So here’s a reminder, Mr. President-Elect, to remember the low-hanging fruit. Take advantage of easy […]

January 8th

It’s Time for reWealth! A Book Destined to Change the 21st Century for the Better

We need to start using the R-words more and D-words less. More restoration, revitalization, renovation, and remediation, and much less development, depletion, or degradation — those directives of the 20th Century that have wrought incredible damage on both the planet and its inhabitants. That’s the message delivered by author and international speaker, Storm Cunningham, in […]

December 3rd

Building Bridges: Hope is Renewable

Like many of my fellow citizens, one of my first thoughts after hearing Sen. Barack Obama declared the winner of Tuesday’s election was “I am so proud to be an American.” Yes, my guy won. Yes, the United States elected it’s first African-American president (and that’s an incredible step forward). Yes, the issues that matter […]