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Organic Cotton Fabric: Beyond the Harvest

Most of love our clothes made of cotton, but more and more of us also realize that cotton grown by conventional agricultural practices is a pretty dirty crop: massive amounts of pesticides and water are used in its growth. Organic practices dramatically reduce the pollution and waste associated with cotton growing; they also make use […]

From Fashion Students to Business Owners: An Inside Look at Nula Kids’ Journey to Create Adjustable Children’s Clothing [Interview]

Thanks to more transparency in the sustainable fashion industry, we, the customers, are no longer outsiders in the clothing manufacturing processes. We have the resources to track the sources of designers’ fabrics and other materials, the seamstresses who sewed the looks together, and the effects production and shipping have on the environment. Business owners are […]

January 13th

5 Eco-Friendly Options for a Cool Bath Mat

Your bathroom may be the least appealing room in your house by definition of purpose but that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve as an oasis of peace and solitude! While many aspects of your water closet determine exactly how appealing it is, there is no denying the power of the bath mat in setting a tone of design and usefulness as your bathroom’s centerpiece.

June 15th

sustainablog Approved: the Mi-Bra Organic Cotton Sports Bra

You’d probably feel pretty safe claiming that eco-entrepreneurs want to make money by saving the planet… or, to quote Ray Anderson, to “do well by doing good.” As I’ve conducted these sustainablog Approved interviews, though, I’ve seen that such statements may be a bit a broad for defining the motivations of most green start-ups. Yes, […]

5 Products to Green in Your Everyday Life

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg occasionally writes posts on new, innovative green products (see Five Greenish Products You’ve Seen on TV and Five More Greenish Products You’ve Seen on TV). Rather than try to steal his thunder, this post looks at some basic, simple, green products that can make your everyday life many times greener. Staying away from […]

July 24th