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Offshore Wind, Not Offshore Oil

By Janet Larsen The enormously devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is just one reminder that stretching out an addiction to a polluting and planet-warming fossil fuel poses risks to our health, our environment, and our economy. U.S. oil production peaked in 1970 at 9.6 million barrels per day. Since then production has […]

The Oil Intensity of Food

By Lester R. Brown Today we are an oil-based civilization, one that is totally dependent on a resource whose production will soon be falling. Since 1981, the quantity of oil extracted has exceeded new discoveries by an ever-widening margin. In 2008, the world pumped 31 billion barrels of oil but discovered fewer than 9 billion […]

Earth Policy Institute: Restructuring the U.S. Transport System — The Potential of High-Speed Rail

By Lester R. Brown Aside from the overriding need to stabilize atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to stabilize climate, there are several other compelling reasons for countries everywhere to restructure their transport systems, including the need to prepare for falling oil production, to alleviate traffic congestion, and to reduce air pollution. The U.S. car-centered transportation […]

February 3rd

GreenTalk Radio: The Zero Carbon Car and Alternative Fuel Technologies with Author William Kemp

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily discusses the zero carbon car, high fuel efficiency vehicles, and alternative fuel technologies with William Kemp. Author of the The Zero Carbon Car and other books about alternative fuels and renewable energy. [Courtesy of our friends at] Click Play Below,or The Zero Carbon Car and Alternative Fuel Technologies with […]

February 3rd

Book Review: Pat Murphy’s Plan C means Community and Curtailment

If The Long Emergency and An Inconvenient Truth sounded the alarm for us to wake up and change course, Pat Murphy’s hard-hitting Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change (New Society, 2008) presents a compelling case for joining together to implement plan C: revitalizing community and curtailing our consumption culture. For […]

January 7th

What Is Your Government Doing About Peak Oil?

The debate over the global energy crisis continues to inch its away into the public arena. While federal governments still have not taken specific actions regarding peak oil, a number of sub-federal agencies have acted. As experts wrestle over the question of when global oil demand will outpace supply, a number of municipalities, regional agencies, […]

December 24th

Think Local First: In Baltimore or Anywhere, USA

It’s time to join tens of millions of Americans who are rediscovering commerce in a local ECOnomy where customers are not treated like “consumers,” but rather as friends, fellow citizens, or neighbors. While visiting a good friend in Baltimore, Maryland, my family and I wandered the narrow streets of Fell’s Point, the eclectic and artistic […]

November 12th

Will High Gas Prices Kill Suburban Sprawl?

When the award-winning film The End of Suburbia was released in 2004, it was considered by some to be an amusing but exaggerated view of what Peak Oil will do to the suburban way of life. As gas prices approach $5/gallon, it doesn’t seem quite so shocking. As a passionate enemy of suburban sprawl, I […]

July 3rd

Cavemen and Climate Change

Just finished reading a fascinating post at The Oil Drum that Prof. Goose emailed out on Friday. Titled “Climate Change, Sabre Tooth Tigers and Devaluing the Future,” writer Nate Hagens thinks about the inability to generate wide-scale action on peak oil (the focus at TOD) and climate change. Digging deeply (for a blog post, anyway) […]

February 25th