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Apple Crop for 2009: Safest On Record

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) just published a new version of their criminally misleading, “Dirty Dozen list” based on data from the 2009 crop that the USDA released this spring.  Apples got the questionable honor of topping that list. I know a lot about apple growers and the Integrated Pest Management techniques that they employ […]

June 21st

Why I Wish More People Could Meet Farmers

The other day I made a comment on a blog post that had quoted an article I wrote about the surprisingly tiny scale of organic farming.  In describing “conventional agriculture,” that author had used the term “chemical laden farming,” which I pointed out was misleading considering the  USDA data which documents how miniscule chemical residues […]

February 28th

Food Supply Worries of an Agricultural Scientist, Part 3: Climate Change

[social_buttons] I’ll come back to the Mycotoxin issue soon.  Instead, I’ll talk today about my serious worries about Climate Change.   People involved in world agriculture have no patience with the supposed “debate” about climate change.  We are already seeing the effects, and the projections for the future are not encouraging.  The most troubling feature […]

September 27th

B.S. And Organic Marketing – Figuratively and Literally

[social_buttons] The large-scale Organic dairy cooperative, “Organic Valley” has just sunk to a new low in the practice of “I will market against my farmer neighbors by stoking consumer’s fears.” They announced that they have launched an on-line calculator that is supposed to show you how much pesticide and fertilizer use is avoided when you […]

September 25th

Is Taking Care of Your Grass Making You Sick?

When dermatologist June Irwin first stood up in 1985 to speak at a Hudson, Quebec, town council meeting about the potential link between synthetic lawn pesticide and herbicide use and human and animal illnesses, she was written off as a flake. Irwin persisted, though, attending “every single town meeting in Hudson for six consecutive years […]

September 22nd

McDonald’s “Pesticide Conundrum” and the Solution it Will Probably Not Pursue (Part 2)

[social_buttons] This is a follow-up to a previous blog about a pesticide reduction commitment that McDonalds has made and why that will be challenging in terms of their potato supplies and quality. Roundup Ready® soybeans were commercialized in 1996 and quickly came to dominate plantings in the US, Argentina and Brazil. NewLeaf® insect resistant potatoes were […]

September 10th

McDonald’s “Pesticide Conundrum” and the Solution it Will Probably Not Pursue (Part 1)

[social_buttons] Companies with prominent, valuable, consumer “brands” are prime targets for activists because these entities cannot afford to ignore threats that might hurt their public image. Remember Nike and the foreign “sweat shop” issue. Consumer brands don’t get much bigger or more valuable than that of McDonald’s. To its credit, based on outside pressure or […]

September 10th

The Pesticides I Wish I Could Buy

[social_buttons] Alright.  I know that the title of this post is controversial for this website, but I’m serious about this. Read a little further and this might not seem so radical. Over the last 40 years I have gardened in Denver, Davis California, Western Colorado, Delaware and in San Diego county.  By far the most […]

August 28th

5 Products to Green in Your Everyday Life

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg occasionally writes posts on new, innovative green products (see Five Greenish Products You’ve Seen on TV and Five More Greenish Products You’ve Seen on TV). Rather than try to steal his thunder, this post looks at some basic, simple, green products that can make your everyday life many times greener. Staying away from […]

July 24th

Soaring Migrations: Monarch Butterfly Hotspots

It’s something everyone should witness, at least once.  The Monarch butterfly migration, the longest of any butterfly.  The Monarch butterflies cover as much as 1,500 miles; their trip spans four generations of butterflies, mystifying the scientists not certain as to how, exactly, they return to the same spots to over-winter. To accomplish such aeronautical feat, […]

February 4th