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Genetic Contamination May Not Mean What You Think It Means

In the debate about GMO crops, the “threat of genetic contamination” is often raised as a reason  to reject the technology.  Is this threat real?  Does it justify acts of vandalism?  Could it lead to the “End of Organics“?  Is it actually an over-blown issue?  To answer these questions it is necessary to put this […]

August 1st

Fresh Produce Quality Success Stories

[social_buttons] There is an old saying in the fresh produce industry: “Produce is purchased based on appearance, not by taste.”  This is unfortunately often true.  People buy their fruit and vegetables based on how fresh and blemish-free they look.  They don’t normally have the chance to do taste comparisons.  The reality is that lots of […]

September 1st

Why Wheat is an “Orphan Crop:” Conclusion

[social_buttons] The chart above shows the historical average yields for wheat and corn in the US.  Note that until the 1930s the relative yields of the crops were similar and were not changing.  After that time yields of both crops began to rise steadily, but corn yields have grown at a much faster pace.  What […]

August 25th