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5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Cut Flowers

Want to celebrate a friend’s or family member’s accomplishment, or say “I love you” to that special someone? While cut flowers are the gift of choice in these situations, there are alternatives that don’t involve damaging or killing plants. Here are five options.

March 7th

Container Gardening: a Primer

Container gardening is a great way to increase limited space vegetable production, make toxic land useable, and create small-scale aquatic ecosystems. The containers used can often be obtained for free as well, such as bathtubs, baskets, toilets, wagons, buckets, or barrels. Be creative with what you have available. Reasons for Container Gardening Moveable: If you don’t […]

September 14th

Keep Houseplants To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately, many conventional homes, office spaces, and all sorts of everyday indoor environments are making us sick, resulting in asthma, allergies, and other illnesses, all due to poor indoor air quality. Synthetic building materials, carpeting, paints, cleaning products, mattresses — dozens of seemingly innocuous substances and objects can emit formaldehyde, trichloroethylene (TCE), benzene, and a […]

December 14th

Five for Friday: Great Green Blogs Posts for the Week (8/13/10)

Wow… it’s hot! Between the record-breaking heat around the world, and other extreme weather phenomena, you can understand how global warming has moved up into the number two spot on Regator’s Environmentalism page… got to be on a lot of people’s minds (even though, of course, you can’t attribute specific weather event directly to climate […]

Say Hello to My Little Friend–The Hummingbird

Have you ever been outside, maybe working in the garden, soaking up rays by the pool, or snoozing in the hammock, when suddenly a flying, sparkly green centurion with pointy black spear charges up, out of nowhere, dangerously close to your face? This thing, whatever it is, seems simply to pop into existence with no […]

June 22nd

Herbs for Health: Endangered Echinacea

Editor’s note: Last week, we published a piece by our editorial intern Oscar Cardenas on the endangered status of many herbs used in alternative health practices. Today, we’re pleased to give you Oscar’s second piece on the subject, which focuses on the popular herb Echinacea. Imagine an organism, native to the American prairie, whose value […]

Low Impact Living: Twelve Tips for Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Editor’s note: While many will argue that there’s no such thing as an “eco-friendly lawn” (with justification), the grass covered yard is still a staple of most homes. Today, our friends at Low Impact Living have some tips for green grass care… This post was originally published on May 7, 2008. Summer is just around […]

May 12th