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sustainablog’s New “Zero Waste Home” Series

Whatever your political party affiliation, we can all agree that strong, centralized environmental policy will not be a priority under Donald Trump. If Americans care about a healthy planet, we’ll have to persuade state and local governments to care too, or roll up our sleeves and get to work ourselves. For this reason, I’ve challenged […]

January 18th

Green Business Blog Carnival #2

Welcome to (or welcome back to) the Green Business Blog Carnival, your weekly wrap-up of some of the most compelling content published on sustainable business. We’re proud to be co-sponsoring this traveling series of news, insight, and inspiration with our friends at Triplepundit (who got us started with the first edition of the carnival). Next […]

One Woman Battles the Bag… and Wins! (PPB #17)

Our friends at Eco-Libris have their guest post up, and it combines the themes of eco-heroes and plastic bags that we’ve already seen. After making a documentary on “about the devastating effect of plastic bags on marine life in Hawaii,” Rebecca Hoskings decided to do something about them in her little English village of Modbury. […]

An Old-New Trickle-Down Theory? Basic Corporate Social Responsibility Has Potential to Save Us, Eliminate Plastic Bag Dependency

Yesterday I posted here about plastic bag fees and bans being frozen in — or before reaching — legislatures. Supposedly that’s due to economics, though reality seems to be more connected to politics. That, coupled with a post here by Low Impact Living about the green benefits of the stimulus plan signed by President Obama […]

February 25th