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The Tipping Point for Polar Bears…and the Planet

Fans of the polar bear, and people concerned about the environment, won a major victory in May 2008 when the big, white bears were listed as a “threatened species” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It took lawsuits and petitioning efforts by the Center for Biological Diversity, NRDC, Greenpeace, and other organizations to overcome the […]

Melting Ice Could Lead to Massive Waves of Climate Refugees

As the earth warms, the melting of the earth’s two massive ice sheets—Antarctica and Greenland—could raise sea level enormously. If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, it would raise sea level 7 meters (23 feet). Melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would raise sea level 5 meters (16 feet). But even just partial melting of these ice sheets will have a dramatic effect on sea level rise.

Environmental Defense: Global Warming Science — Ten Top Stories of 2007

This post is by Lisa Moore, Ph.D., a scientist in the Climate and Air program at Environmental Defense. All year long we’ve been monitoring developments in climate science, and posting about the important new developments. I thought now would be a good time to look back over 2007 and summarize what we’ve learned. Here are […]

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