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Energy Executives Support a Greener National Energy Policy

There’s more support than ever before from consumers for environmentally-friendly policy. This can be seen simply from the ever-growing number of news articles about global warming to the amount of advertising promoting green products. From this, one would think that the market itself would be enough to change the current standards to ones with higher-efficiency. […]

February 16th

Way2Go’s To Do List: 10 Transportation Wishes for 2010

Way2Go is an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) blog where EDF transportation experts promote innovative and environmentally beneficial transportation policies and actions. This was originally posted at by Carrie Denning. The start of a new year is a time to look forward, get a gym membership, and make resolutions. Here at Way2Go, we decided to […]

January 21st

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says Turn off Engines

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, mothers are fond of saying, but idling engines are being targeted as a worse offender. Mom meant that if you’re not busy doing something constructive, bad things were bound to follow. That’s also the rationale behind NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest law aimed at making the city more eco […]

February 13th

Clinton to Address Climate Change, Energy in China

Certain pairs just seem to go together: peas and carrots; peanut butter and jelly; and teenagers and cell phones. Clinton and China is another magical combination: at least, that has been the case for Bill Clinton. Throughout his presidency, a time in which China entered the WTO, and subsequent philanthropic involvement in China, Clinton has […]

February 8th

“Show Me the Water”

Speakers at a water conference in San Francisco today discussed the relationship between development and water supplies. Or, more to the point, the lack of water and continued urban sprawl in much of California and other western states. The talk given by Roger Moore and David Boyer entitled, “The Water Supply and Land Use Interface: […]

April 18th

Morality and Markets: The Depth of our Carbon Footprints

Change your lightbulbs, buy local food, keep your tires properly inflated: all of us in the green publishing space, both online and off, promote such actions as ways for all of us to live greener lives, and, more specifically, to cut our carbon footprints. “Low-hanging fruit” approaches to personal sustainability appeal to us because of […]

February 18th