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City to Pipe Biogas from Farms to Power Recycling Plant

After years of debate and planning, the St. Paul, MN city council has voted unanimously to move forward with a unique plan to produce biogas from manure and ethanol waste in rural farms and pump it miles to power an enormous paper recycling plant. The energy-efficiency of recycling paper is not the best, so this […]

November 20th

South African Farmer Pulls Power from Poop

Chicken poop ain’t pretty, but it’s potential as an energy source has a number of large-scale poultry operations taking a second look at the smelly stuff. The price tags on such projects can climb pretty high, though: Georgia’s Green Power EMC project, for instance, was projected to cost $20 million when announced in early 2006. […]

Poop Beneath Your Feet: A Good Thing?

Generally not, but that could change if research being conducted by the University of Michigan and the US Department of Agriculture is successful. The task: developing flooring (and other products) from cow poop…. really! [Researchers] say that fiber from processed and sterilized cow manure could take the place of sawdust in making fiberboard, which is […]

February 12th