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Great Green Home Insulation Product: Sheep's Wool Batting

Wool is one of the best natural insulators — think of how precious that favorite wool sweater of yours is, or those toasty wool socks you can’t leave home without on a cold winter day. Well, the benefits of wool extend to keeping your house comfortable, too — it is a fantastic, highly insulative, and energy-efficient material that is a superior material for saving on home heating and cooling expenses.

November 21st

Small Wood-Burning Stoves For Small Homes: A Review

Wood stoves are a highly economical way to provide heat for your home if you have access to a woodlot or live in a remote or rural area. To get the most bang for your buck, you should invest in a clean(er)-burning, efficient model. Last year, I spent a fair amount of time researching small, […]

February 16th

I Heart Wool Socks: Why Wool Clothing is So Lovely & Warm

These recent winter days, temperatures are hovering in the low teens, and nighttime temperatures plummet to 0º or below. This is the first winter I got a hold of some wool socks, and boy oh boy, I can easily claim they have revolutionized my winter comfort. I will never go back to wearing socks other […]

February 10th

Batteries Not Included

Checking out at Toys ‘R’ Us I was asked “Do you need any batteries?” Well, I thought that the answer was no because I was buying Battleship, the classic naval combat game. So I said, “No.” When I got home I realized I was wrong. I do need batteries. It turns out that I picked […]

December 24th

Life Goggles: SIGG Aluminum Water Bottle Product Review

Updated editor’s note (9/7/09): We were extremely disappointed to find out that SIGG hadn’t been completely honest about the presence of BPA in its “water-based, non-toxic coating” mentioned later in this article. I thought hard about taking this one down; instead, I encourage you to take a look at Simran Sethi’s post on the revelation […]

February 25th

Life Goggles: Picking Up What Your Dog Left Behind

Editor’s note: Today we begin a content partnership with Life Goggles, a site devoted to “Green reviews, news, and interviews.” Each week, we’ll publish one of LG’s product reviews on one of our network sites. As a dog owner, I was immediately drawn to this post, which was originally published on Wednesday, February 14, 2008.  […]

February 18th