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PG&E, Prop 16, and Truth in Advertising

“But I swear it was in self defense” Bob Marley exclaims in “I Shot The Sheriff”: “Sheriff John Brown… says kill the seeds before they grow.” With Prop 16, PG&E is trying to kill the seeds of a clean energy future before they have a chance to grow. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico […]

How is PG&E like Tonya Harding?

There are two ways to achieve market dominance: Provide superior service at a reasonable price The Tonya Harding Method. With Prop 16, PG&E is trying to kneecap the competition. And in the process, they are breaking AB 117 and anti-trust laws.  If public power were a private corporation, this affront to democracy in the economic […]

March 15th