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Jes MaHarry Jewelry: Uplifting Change for the Planet

Jes MaHarry has been a creator of sustainable, hand-crafted jewelry collections and a leader of mix-media design for more than two decades. Collectors and customers alike are drawn to Jes’ signature style of “finding perfection in what is imperfect” and combining unlikely pairs of raw and refined resources to make one-of-a-kind pieces.

January 24th

Take Some Eco-Inspiration from the Designers at Fashion Week

New York’s Fashion Week may be over for now, but eco-friendly designers left a clear message to the world: Fashion can be aesthetically beautiful and ethically responsible. Mainstream designers don’t have to take from existing raw materials to create fashionable collections and further contribute to global shortages. Rather we can all be inspired by Suzanne […]

September 21st

10 Creative Ideas for Recycled Garden Planters on the Cheap

Update (7/19/12): I haven’t checked to see what kind of readership we have in Mexico City lately, but we’ve certainly got plenty of kindred spirits: Inhabitat reports that repurposed planters are all over the place in the city’s Roma district. Have you been to the local garden center lately? The prices of planters there, or […]

September 12th

Rachel Mace: A Renegade of Eco Fashion

Rachel Mace, also known as Keseken in the modeling and online worlds, is a 20-year-old model and self-taught fashion designer who resides in Spokane, Washington. She weaves, melts and stretches unconventional materials into high-fashion, sustainable women’s clothing. Mace will debut her Totally Trashed Fashion collection of formal and causal dresses, ball gowns, and lingerie made […]

August 8th

Deck Tiles: A Study in Green and Ethical Materials

Here is a guest post from Rob Jones, chief blogger at flooring and building materials firm BuildDirect. Today, Rob talks about how the building materials industry is changing in the light of sustainable practices. To illustrate, he mentions a specific product that embodies this trend: interlocking deck tiles. In some ways, it’s fair to say […]

July 22nd

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Designs a “Sister Act”

Editor’s note:  We don’t sell iram-inal designs in the sustainablog Green Choices store… just thought this was a great story! Might have to look into listing these products… Mari and Lani (Malene) Davis were once two little girls with a simple dream: to create “delicious designs” for sustainable jewelry from items that most people would […]

January 27th

Life Goggles: Radius Toothbrush Eco Product Reviews

Editor’s note: How “green” is your toothbrush? You’ve probably never asked yourself that question. Neither had Joel at Life Goggles until he received some toothbrushes from Radius in the mail and tried them out. This post was originally published on Thursday, March 13, 2008. I know a lot of readers have been wondering what toothbrush […]