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Lighter Footstep: How to Recycle CFLs

Jeff says: For the combination of price and efficiency, you can’t beat compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Yet, the do present an end-of-life challenge with the tiny amount of mercury present in the bulbs. Chris Baskind, editor at Lighter Footstep, and founder of the Vida Verde collective, has some tips for safe disposal of these bulbs once […]

Poop Beneath Your Feet: A Good Thing?

Generally not, but that could change if research being conducted by the University of Michigan and the US Department of Agriculture is successful. The task: developing flooring (and other products) from cow poop…. really! [Researchers] say that fiber from processed and sterilized cow manure could take the place of sawdust in making fiberboard, which is […]

February 12th

Paying People to Recycle… Sort of..

Several years ago, I had an idea (which I may have brought up here… can’t find it if I did): why not harness market forces (or, at least, the desire to save money) to encourage people to throw away less. My idea: charge by the pound for garbage collection, but credit households and businesses for […]

December 20th