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Islamic Beliefs about the Environment

I was thrilled when the folks at Important Media central announced the launch of Eden Keeper, a new blog about religion and the environment. While I’ve only recently returned to church, I’ve been fascinated by this particular intersection for years, and have really enjoyed the content published by Robyn Purchia and her team. I particularly enjoy […]

Mormons Open Second Solar Building

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post for SUNfiltered on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ first solar-powered meetinghouse in Farmington, Utah. That experiment apparently went so well that the Church decided to continue down this path: another meetinghouse built to green standards just opened in Mesa, Arizona.

Creation Care in Action: Scott Sabin’s Tending to Eden

While many of us in the environmental community literally “rejoice” in the growth and prominence of the creation care within evangelical Christianity, I’d guess we’re still trying to figure this movement out. I think the same probably goes for more traditional evangelicals, who (at least in my experience) often question the adherence of these people […]

Pope Benedict Issues New Encyclical Calling for Sustainable Business, Development Models

Pope Benedict XVI added to his growing reputation as the “green Pope” on Tuesday with the release of a new encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth). A call for sustainable development in the broadest sense, the Pope’s letter addressed the human and environmental costs of “business as usual,” and established “doing well by doing […]

Charles Darwin in Church

Hey, you know that old conflict between religion and science? Remember the Scopes monkey trial in 1925 or the 1960 film about the case? How about the legislative battles of the last few years in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Kansas over the mandatory inclusion of intelligent design alongside evolution in public schools? Waiting for worldviews to […]

February 13th

Jesus is Coming. Look Busy.

Editor’s note: Chad Crawford, our regular writer on the intersection of religion and the environment, is taking some vacation time this week, so we’re pleased to offer another post from one of Professor Siman Sethi’s students in her Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas. Writer Lauren Keith originally published this post […]