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Renovations Done Right: Tips for Dealing with Sticky Situations and Substances

We all know that one of the largest costs of a home renovation is labor. Of course, the way to eliminate that is to do the work yourself. But when you’ve decided to perform a DIY renovation in the bathroom, what do you do when you run into hazardous substances or toxic materials? After all, any time you have water or moisture, you have the potential for mold or mildew, and plumbing that was improperly installed (or subsequently un-cared for) can be a breeding ground for nasty substances in and around your pipes and surrounding walls.

August 20th

Are Replacement Windows the Only Option for an Old House?

We’re all aware to some degree the energy savings that can be realized with the right windows in your house. And, many of us have faced the dilemma of moving forward with these efficiency upgrades while limiting the aesthetic architectural damage that might come to a coveted home as a result. Many of the finest […]

March 31st

Simran’s Eco-Friendly Home Makeover Comes to

[social_buttons]Buying your first home is both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Imagine the heightening of both of those emotions if you choose to 1) buy an older house full of character, and 2) jump right into green updates and renovations upon purchase. You’ll then have a good sense of what journalist, professor, and good friend of sustainablog […]

Green Home Remodeling Initiative Announced for Veterans Day

A happy Veterans Day to sustainablog readers who’ve served in the US military… and happy Remembrance Day to Canadian vets. For many veterans of the US armed forces, the rewards of their service are intangible: pride, discipline, commitment to country and community. Of course, veterans also receive more tangible benefits — educational assistance, low-interest home […]

November 11th