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Zero Waste Home: Basic Grocery Shopping Tips

My zero waste goal has given me a new appreciation for grocery shopping. In my previous life, I often ordered from Instacart, a service that delivers groceries to your door. It was so convenient, but so wasteful! I was always stuck with extra bags, big plastic containers and free giveaways I didn’t want to eat. […]

February 3rd

Five for Friday: Green Blog Posts for the Week (5/28/10)

While the Gulf oil spill continues to dominate the headlines, and the green blog space (as it should… this is a calamitous, and potentially game-changing event), even a cursory scan of the green blogosphere shows that we’re not standing still in terms of keeping other stories out there. This is so important… it’s critical that […]

An Old-New Trickle-Down Theory? Basic Corporate Social Responsibility Has Potential to Save Us, Eliminate Plastic Bag Dependency

Yesterday I posted here about plastic bag fees and bans being frozen in — or before reaching — legislatures. Supposedly that’s due to economics, though reality seems to be more connected to politics. That, coupled with a post here by Low Impact Living about the green benefits of the stimulus plan signed by President Obama […]

February 25th

Plastic Bag Fees Stalling for Economics or Politics?

The New York Times reports that various plastic bag-reduction initiatives around the country are stalling – or flatlining – due to economics. The plans in the works in places like Seattle, San Francisco and New York have included charges of 5 to 20 cents per plastic bag – and in some cases, paper bags – […]

February 24th

ChicoBag – Helping to Green Your Halloween

I’m seeing a lot out there about greening your Halloween this year. One way to do that is to send your kids off trick-or-treating with a bag that they can use again and again and again. ChicoBag is selling these great little reusable Halloween shopping bags that would also make great bags for kids to […]

October 7th