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How to Build a Clean Fire: The Top-Down Fire

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to build a fire. But that doesn’t mean they are all equal: the top-down fire (or upside down fire) is perhaps the most efficient and cleanest way to build a fire.

November 24th

Not just Creating Little Treehuggers: Environmental Education as a Learning System

What’s going on in Washington these days? Duh, debt ceiling negotiations, right? Fortunately, that’s not all… there is still legislation in the works that addresses other issues beyond government spending. One bill that’s back: the No Child Left Inside Act, which would provide a funding mechanism for state environmental education initiatives. Of course, this isn’t […]

16 Astounding Facts About Water

We often take the most basic and everyday things for granted. Water is no exception. We expect it to be available when we turn the sink on and think nothing of where that water has been or how it’s traveled to our faucet. However, there’s way more to water than you think.

August 10th

Collection of 29 Graphs Demonstrate Climate Change Science

Check this out. Here are all the graphs you could possibly need to demonstrate the current science of global climate change, all in one location. Scott A. Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences at Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY, has compiled a collection of graphs to support global warming data on Climate Progress.

April 28th

Scientists Behaving Badly

[social_buttons] The discussions following my two last posts about climate change opinion shifts and about an anti-science coalition have made it clear that one of the reasons people distrust science is that “Science” fails to speak with one voice.  There are definitely forces from the outside of Science that erode trust, but there are also […]

October 30th

Earth Policy Institute: Slide Show for Plan B 3.0 — Mobilizing to Save Civilization Earth Policy Institute (EPI) has created a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes Lester Brown’s latest book, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization. It quickly reviews the book’s key concepts using data, facts, and figures, including the Plan B blueprint for reducing net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 80 percent by 2020 to stabilize climate. All […]

Environmental Defense Fund: Global Warming’s Silver Lining

This post is by Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund. Earth: The Sequel tells the story of an exciting race that is just beginning — the race to develop low-carbon energy in time to turn our greatest environmental crisis into our greatest economic opportunity. Many people have expressed surprise that I’d write a […]

March 12th