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Sustainable Seafood from Head to Tail: Maria Finn’s The Whole Fish

Ever eaten a whole fish? No doubt you’ve probably been served one at some point, but you probably didn’t eat everything: the head, fins, and bones stayed on your plate. Food writer and former Alaska fisherwoman Maria Finn thinks that’s wasteful; furthermore, she sees the waste on our plates as symbolic of how we treat our fisheries and marine life generally. Her new book The Whole Fish: How Adventurous Eating of Seafood Can Make You Healthier, Sexier, and Help Save the Ocean covers a wide range of concerns surrounding seafood sustainability.

November 13th

Environmental Defense Fund: Good Advice for Seafood Lovers

Today’s guest blogger is EDF scientist Tim Fitzgerald. [social_buttons] Ever stare at the seafood counter and wonder where all that fish comes from? Maybe not, but I do, and a new article in Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul magazine wades through some other issues that might be on your mind – overfishing, fish farming, omega-3s and mercury. […]

July 16th

Environmental Defense Fund: The New Sardine – Thinking Outside the Can

Today’s post is by Kristen Honey, EDF Lorry Lokey Fellow. Are sardines making a sustainable and sumptuous comeback? The Washington Post attempted to address this very question yesterday in a provocative article about the self-proclaimed “Sardinistas.” According to this group of nutritionists, environmentalists and foodie revolutionaries, the answer is a resounding “yes!”  Sardine advocates and cutting-edge […]

June 12th

Earth Policy Institute: Expanding Marine Protected Areas to Restore Fisheries

By Lester R. Brown After World War II, accelerating population growth and steadily rising incomes drove the demand for seafood upward at a record pace. At the same time, advances in fishing technologies, including huge refrigerated processing ships that enabled trawlers to exploit distant oceans, enabled fishers to respond to the growing world demand. In […]

November 13th

Greening the Restaurant Industry

Note: Scroll to the bottom to find out about the new Green Kitchen Certification offered by Food Service Warehouse Dear Readers, Some of you have inquired about how I’ve been spending my time since wrapping up production (and living) on the Sust Enable project at the end of July.  As I wrote in my post […]

October 8th

Do Cities Located By The Water Have A Sustainability Advantage?

Does proximity to the sea give a city an advantage when it comes to sustainability rankings?

According to SustainLane who just released their 2008 Sustainable City rankings, city traits that are already set in stone like geography and layout play a huge role. Take the greenest cities in America: Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York. Four out of the five them are situated on the coast and were built before suburbia existed.

September 24th

Environmental Defense: Plenty of Safe, Eco-Friendly Fish in the Sea

Today’s guest blogger is Environmental Defense scientist Tim Fitzgerald. As a marine scientist who has been researching seafood sustainability and health issues for a long time, I’ve known for a while that bluefin tuna not only has high mercury levels but is severely depleted, too. These magnificent fish are highly prized for their rich, buttery […]

January 25th