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Five Environmental Lessons We Can Learn from Buddhist Monks

My friend Julia recently visited Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and India and was deeply touched by the Tibetan Monks there. Living on less than a dollar a day, the monks she met were models of spiritual humility, happiness and simplicity. She came back from Nepal and the monastery full of life, and more dedicated than ever to service, simplicity, and meditation. In our discussions afterward, we reflected on the following 5 eco-themed lessons we could learn from the Buddhist monks.

July 22nd

Simple Living: Where Frugality and Ecology Meet

My family and I live an ecological lifestyle on one part-time income. To me, living out my values means living simply, living debt free, and living in a way that honors the earth. The primary way I do this is through frugality. The same skills and values that allow me to be resourceful with money also allow me to be a good steward of natural resources.

April 24th

Overconsumption Invokes the Six Items or Less Experiment

As protesters continue to occupy our nation’s streets in disapproval of over-spending and government corruption, some continue to believe that more is better. Consumption is at an all-time high, and consumers are buying more things than they need. Surveys show that most women own seven pairs of jeans but wear only four regularly and buy […]

November 15th

Voluntary Simplicity: My 30-Day Challenge

In September 2009, I took on a little experiment: I wanted to go a whole month without spending any money.  I would pay my bills as usual, but that’s it.  For food, I was fortunate to live in a community where I exchanged a few hours of labor each week for my meals, so that […]

September 5th

Simple Living… with a Sense of Humor: Warren Johnson’s Muddling Toward Frugality

Editor’s note: This review is our contribution to Eco-Libris’ Green Books Campaign 2010. Eco-Libris arranged for a free review copy from Easton Studio Press. We Americans like our simple, direct, and confident statements — just think of “Yes We Can!” or “Reload!” — so a title like Muddling Toward Frugality (affiliate link) may not immediately grab […]

November 10th

Break The Chains and Reject What is “Normal”

It’s time to live. It’s time to get in touch. The hyper-consumer, capitalist, exploitative, environmentally degrading way of life we call “normal” or “reality” cannot continue. This lifestyle we’ve come to know isn’t working. We’re all suffering for it, and it’s not clear how much more our fragile planet can take. It’s time to reject […]

July 5th

Green Talk Radio: The Not So Big House

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief, discusses small home living and the growth of New Urbanism with Sarah Susanka of Susanka Studios, author of The Not So Big House. [Courtesy of our friends at] Click Play Below,or The Not So Big House

April 23rd

GreenTalk Radio: The Urban Homesteading Path to Freedom with Jules Dervaes

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Jules Dervaes of Path to Freedom. Path to Freedom  is a grassroots, family operated, viable urban homesteading project established to promote a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle and reduce one family’s “footprint” on the earth’s dwindling resources.It was established in 2001 in Pasadena, California by Jules Dervaes. [Courtesy […]

January 29th