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IBM Sets New Record for CZTS Solar Cells

Most of today`s solar cells are based on silicon with extremely high purity, which is one of the major reasons why solar power is expensive. IBM has successfully created a new prototype of a solar cell that uses natural and abundant materials – copper, zinc and tin – to convert photons into electricity.

September 17th

The Most Important Solar Fountain Benefits

Installing a solar fountain in your yard has many benefits. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefit, solar fountains can improve your overall standard of living. Investigate all the features you desire and check out some of these reasons why a solar fountain makes sense for your property.

April 10th

I-GO Car Sharing Launches Largest Solar-Powered EV Project

I know sustainablog founder and editor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg is an I-GO fan — I actually learned about this Chicago car sharing non-profit from Jeff when he wrote about it earlier this year on sustainablog. Well, now, this humble little car sharing non-profit is leading the country.. in powering electric cars with solar power.

December 2nd

3 Ways to Go Solar

With the cost of solar continuously declining and a huge solar power explosion (i.e. a ton more solar getting installed around the world these days), you might be wondering what your options are for going solar. To be honest, you have more way to go solar than ever. Let’s run down some of your top options. […]

November 1st

Student to Travel the World Studying Commercial Solar Power

A student with a passion for seeing solar energy developed globally, Arizona State University’s Steven Limpert now has the funds to continue his studies in a big way. The third-year ASU student is the latest recipient of the Circumnavigators Club Foundation grant—one that he will use to study the development and commercialization of solar energy […]

February 9th