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Solar Water Heaters Booming in South Africa

After experiencing a power crisis a few years ago and contending with the cost of domestic water heating, South Africa is leaning heavily towards an eco-friendly alternative. Over the past 14 years, the solar water heater market has grown a whopping 2000%, with more growth expected in the coming years. In South Africa, domestic water […]

March 11th

Help Kickstart a New Narrative on Sustainability

“Narrative is the lens through which we view our lives.” That may strike you as a bit abstract at first, but, with just a little thought, you can probably see how you view yourself and those around you as part of a story… and maybe even recognize that story as (largely) culturally prescribed. We all […]

December 21st

South African Farmer Pulls Power from Poop

Chicken poop ain’t pretty, but it’s potential as an energy source has a number of large-scale poultry operations taking a second look at the smelly stuff. The price tags on such projects can climb pretty high, though: Georgia’s Green Power EMC project, for instance, was projected to cost $20 million when announced in early 2006. […]