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Simple Living and Operating a Sustainable Green Business

“Simple living” continues to garner much pop culture hype, sparking books, magazines and a slew of self-help opportunities to assist you to declutter, scale back and slow down. Environmentally conscious and sustainable living fall under the simple living radar, but where does ecopreneuring or running a green business fit in? My wife and I incorporated […]

August 6th

Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 4-Caroline

Dear Justin, You make some very effective arguments! You are right to use my own posts in illustrating your thoughts.  Granted, those posts, written toward the end of the Sust Enable project, demonstrate that my original concept of Sust Enable did not pan out because its original assumptions were flawed.  Indeed, for other people to […]

August 4th

Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 1-Justin

[Authors’ Introduction: This represents the first in a series of posts in which Sustainablog contributors Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery discuss sustainability–in both philosophical and practical terms–and ultimately grope our way towards some definition(s) of “sustainability.” The posts grow out of e-mails that we traded recently relating to Caroline’s Sust Enable project. This is […]

August 2nd

Layers of Ecology: Book Review for A Matter of Scale by Keith Farnish

“Businesses and politicians have no part whatsoever to play in the solution: it is all about individual ‘non-civilians’.” -Keith Farnish The Sust Enable webcast series was spawned in a climax of understanding… years of myriad input and countless bits of information collected over time at once coalesced into one artistic, complex and beautiful vision.  I’ve […]

July 27th

Sustainable Living Rule #3: Take Your Time

Take it easy.  Go slow.  Take your time. Lately, I’ve been writing about lessons learned during my three-month sustainable living experiment.  Most of them are not concrete facts, but rather emotional insights which came to the forefront when the stresses of my new lifestyle began taking their toll. Welcome to my most significant understanding: that […]

July 3rd