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Full-Cost Pricing: Getting the Market to Tell the Truth

The key to restructuring the economy is to get the market to tell the truth through full-cost pricing. If the world is to move onto a sustainable path, we need economists who will calculate indirect costs and work with political leaders to incorporate them into market prices by restructuring taxes. Full-cost pricing that will create an honest market is essential to building an economy that can sustain civilization and progress.

Saving Civilization is Not a Spectator Sport

By Lester R. Brown Given the enormous environmental and social challenges faced by our early twenty-first century global civilization, one of the questions I hear most frequently is “What can I do?” People often expect me to talk about lifestyle changes, recycling newspapers, or changing light bulbs. These are essential, but they are not nearly […]

Lowering Income Taxes While Raising Pollution Taxes Reaps Great Returns

By Lester R. Brown As economic decision makers—whether consumers, corporate planners, government policymakers, or investment bankers—we all depend on the market for guidance. In order for markets to work and economic actors to make sound decisions, the markets must give us good information, including the full cost of the products we buy. Unfortunately, markets largely […]

A Tax on Plastic Untensils? How Would You React?

Starting next year, France will institute a “taxe pique-nique,” a tax on  plastic cups, knives and forks, and non-biodegradable paper plates and napkins. The goal, of course, is to discourage institutions and individuals from buying these one time use products that are harmful to the environment. According to the Telegraph A tax of 90 cents […]

September 17th