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How to Raise an Eco-Friendly Puppy

“Can I have a puppy?” It’s inevitable.  Just about every young child is going to ask this question at some point.  You walk by the pet store in the mall, and suddenly, your little boy’s world revolves entirely around getting a puppy at some point in his very near future.  But, what does that mean […]

April 18th

Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/27/10)

While I’m not at all surprised to see that environmental politics, climate change, and the BP oil spill still dominate the rankings on Regator’s Environmentalism page this week, I am a bit perplexed by one of the issues that doesn’t appear at all: the massive recall of eggs potentially contaminated with salmonella. Of course, Regator’s […]

Ten Ways to Reduce Your Toddler’s Ecological Footprint

Eco-conscious parents can be overwhelmed by the amount of plastic-filled, extravagantly packaged, and ultimately unnecessary items that are commonly marketed for babies and toddlers. But parents need not despair: not only is it possible to avoid the wastefulness of a commercialized childhood, it is also easier than you think to instill your Earth-friendly values in […]

May 4th

Batteries Not Included

Checking out at Toys ‘R’ Us I was asked “Do you need any batteries?” Well, I thought that the answer was no because I was buying Battleship, the classic naval combat game. So I said, “No.” When I got home I realized I was wrong. I do need batteries. It turns out that I picked […]

December 24th