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A Sustainable Way to Travel:

CouchSurfing saved my life. Well, possibly.  No one yet knows what role quality sleep plays in one’s life, or whether one could die from sleep deprivation. But if it weren’t for the network, I would be–more or less–homeless. Since I gleefully waved goodbye to my soggy, moldy tent in mid-July, I’ve been faced with […]

July 23rd

Green Walking 1: Go Walkabout

Inspired by Caroline Savery’s great post on bicycling in the city, I wanted to comment on yet another alternative mode of transportation: walking. Walking? C’mon. Yes, walking. Seriously. Walking is not only easy to do and inexpensive (unless you go all out and make it complicated and costly), but it is also a wonderful way […]

June 15th

Renewable Energy Gets Boost from Chicago Hotel

When trying to make your lifestyle more sustainable, there are lots of smart choices you can make around the house to lighten your ecological footprint. But what about when you’re away from home? When traveling for work or pleasure, you can’t be certain that the same eco-smart choices you make at home will be made […]

December 9th