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Real Christmas Trees: the Green Choice?

Editor’s note: Jessica Hodkinson takes a British angle on an issue for anyone celebrating Christmas… real vs. artificial trees. It’s nearly that the time of year where we decorate the house with tinsel and wrap treasured gifts for our loved ones. But do we think about being environmentally friendly when choosing a Christmas tree? Over […]

November 17th

Farms Around the World Have More Trees than Expected

[social_buttons] The World Agroforestry Centre has recently released a paper titled ” Trees on Farm: Analysis of Global Extent and Geographical Patterns of Agroforestry.” The researchers used five global geodata sets to estimate the percent tree cover on 22 million square kilometers of agricultural land around the world.  They were surprised to find that nearly […]

August 27th

Earth Policy Institute: Protecting and Restoring Forests

By Lester R. Brown Protecting the earth’s nearly 4 billion hectares of remaining forests and replanting those already lost are both essential for restoring the earth’s health, an important foundation for the new economy. Reducing rainfall runoff and the associated flooding and soil erosion, recycling rainfall inland, and restoring aquifer recharge depend on simultaneously reducing […]

Thank Global Warming for New Tree Growth

Quicker-melting snow cover will allow forests to encroach on meadows and, ironically, eventually aid in cooling the planet. Regina Rochefort, a National Park Service science adviser at Mount Rainier, said the meadows surrounding the famous peak have been shrinking because of less snowfall and shorter periods of snow cover. In the past, the snow has […]

October 13th

Trees Emit Chemical to Communicate Danger

During unusually high temperatures and droughts, researchers have found that walnut trees emit large amounts of aspirin into the air, possibly as a warning to other trees to prepare for the changes. [social_buttons]Scientists with National Center for Atmospheric Research hope that the findings will open new doors to study how plants impact air quality, but […]

September 20th

Meditation: Behold the Power of Trees

I love trees. Do you love trees, too? Oddly enough, some folks feel absolute terror at the prospect of being lost in the woods. Think of The Blair Witch Project or Deliverance. Without a sense of bearings, of direction, or of civilization, many folks think of the woods and see the forest for every single […]

July 26th