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How the Sharing Economy Can Save the World

Why own when you can rent whatever you need, whenever you need it? The benefit of this approach is that each micro-transaction boosts the local economy, while the same goods are circulated again and again. This is called the sharing economy, and our friends at Triplepudit are planning to write a series on it… with your help.

November 12th

Green Business Blog Carnival #1 Up at Triplepundit

I’m a little late to the game here (see yesterday’s Five for Friday for my excuse), but definitely wanted to give a “heads up” for the inaugural editor of the Green Business Blog Carnival. Nick published it yesterday morning at Triplepundit, and we’re really pleased with our initial offering of some of the best green […]

Introducing the Green Business Blog Carnival

Want to join a conversation, or find information, on green business? It’s not difficult: “green,” “eco,” and “responsible” have become integral terms surrounding discussions on business. Web sites, blogs, and online communities dedicated to these concepts have appeared as quickly as media campaigns touting the sustainability of corporate efforts. Have trouble keeping up with news […]