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Urban Farming in Baltimore

Editor’s note: This is the final post in our series on urban farming success stories in the United States. While my previous post in this series may give the impression that the Midwest dominates the urban agriculture scene, I don’t know that for a fact… and do know that coastal cities such as San Francisco […]

Urban Agriculture in Kansas City

Editor’s note: This is the third post in our series on the success of urban agriculture across the United States. Like Chicago and Omaha, Kansas City has a historical association with the meat industry… and, yes, you can definitely still get a good steak there. But during growing season, there’s also a lot of fresh, […]

Urban Farming in Detroit

Editor’s note: This post is the first in our series on urban agriculture success stories. Under 50 years old? Than it’s probably difficult not to associate the phrase “urban decay” with Detroit, Michigan… as long as I can remember, this once thriving manufacturing hub has been the symbol of how bad it can get when […]