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Hydropower Continues Steady Growth

World hydroelectric power generation has risen steadily by an average 3 percent annually over the past four decades. In 2011, at 3,500 billion kilowatt-hours, hydroelectricity accounted for roughly 16 percent of global electricity generation, almost all produced by the world’s 45,000-plus large dams. Today hydropower is generated in over 160 countries.

5 Successful Reforestation Projects

Between the Arab Spring, the weird weather, and, well, the Casey Anthony trial, you may have missed the fact that 2011 was proclaimed “The International Year of Forests” by the UN General Assembly. This celebration is long overdue: forests not only provide habitat to animals and plants, but also purify air and water, prevent soil […]

Bus Travel: the Conscientious Choice?

Coach/bus travel on the whole has a bit of a poor reputation: you may envision a miserable journey on a Megabus or National Express (or Greyhound or Trailways) with only the bleak view and only other tightly-packed passengers for company. While this may be the case in the UK and US, travelling by coach across […]

November 19th

Good News: US Solar Power to Double in 2010

Editor’s note: Not sure why this post got pulled back into the pending queue yesterday… apologies if you clicked through and got an error page. In light of mid-October’s Solar Power International Conference, there is some great news about the industry.  The Solar Energy Industry Association  (SEIA) is reporting that solar power in the US […]

October 26th

US Army Releases First Annual Sustainability Report

[social_buttons]Is sustainability a national security issue? Politicians, policy makers and academics may be willing to argue sides of that question, but for the U.S. Army, the answer seems to be “Yes, sir!” Following up on earlier announcements of solar arrays and emission reduction goals, the Army released its first annual sustainability report on Friday. Covering […]

November 17th

Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 4-Caroline

Dear Justin, You make some very effective arguments! You are right to use my own posts in illustrating your thoughts.  Granted, those posts, written toward the end of the Sust Enable project, demonstrate that my original concept of Sust Enable did not pan out because its original assumptions were flawed.  Indeed, for other people to […]

August 4th