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Veganism: A Fad? Or the Future of Food? [Infographic]

While we haven’t done as much on veganism lately as we once did when Justin was submitting posts regularly, we’re still mindful of the impacts of the traditional animal-based diet on the environment and human health. So, while many will call this lifestyle choice a “fad” encouraged by the celebrity set, we know that veganism […]

February 21st

Why Vegan? Because Every Death Is a Tragedy

Despite the big numbers, the awfulness of statistics of farmed and slaughtered animals is a matter of flesh and blood—an inescapable onslaught of pain, suffering, and thoughtlessness. The statistics become terrible every single day, whether we are standing in the midst of a slaughterhouse, or walking down a grocery store aisle, or watching a fast-food commercial on television.

July 27th

Go Nuts (and Go Vegan) This Holiday Season

One of my fondest memories of the holiday season is bowls, jars, bags, and even bottoms of stockings filled with nuts–of all shapes, sizes, hues…and degrees of difficulty to open! Whether it be the smooth, round umber of chestnuts, or the oblong tan of almonds, or the football-like pecan, December was always a nutty month […]

December 9th

When You Look at an Animal, What Do You See?

For most of our existence, we humans have seen ourselves as superior to animals, as “above” the “lower” creatures. Rene Descartes, for example, in the 17th century argued that animals were mere “machines” incapable even of true feeling, let alone “higher” thinking. Cultures throughout antiquity sacrificed animals by the thousands to their gods, so that […]