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Short Film Discusses GM Crops “Farmer to Farmer”

There have been several points over the past few weeks when I’ve thought “You know what… let’s just take a break on agriculture.” Proponents of biotechnology, organic agriculture, and other farming methods get pretty passionate… but considering that agriculture has a substantial environmental impact, and that we’re, you know, eating the food produced by farmers, […]

Video Trys To Put Relative Smile on Face of Cargill Slaughterhouse Conditions

There has been much written about the state of the slaughterhouse over the past hundred years, with books like The Jungle blazing an enlightening trail, and the much more modern Fast Food Nation highlighting the current day’s terrible and incredibly dangerous working conditions and questionable sanitary conditions. It is quite rare to actually see the […]

February 15th

Happy New Year from sustainablog!

Yep, it’s a new year, so why not try something new? We’re really thankful for your participation in 2010 — definitely our best year ever on a number of fronts. We want to keep that going… and I can’t think of a better way to get on the right track for 2011 than to find […]

Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts (7/16/10)

Yep… it’s still all oil spill in terms of the top subjects indexed by Regator. Fortunately, it’s been a good week on that front: the cap seems to be holding, and a video of one of the most moving pleas for help every went viral… if you haven’t seen crawfisher Drew Landry singing to the […]

Shift Logic: Green Digg + Snarky Video

The death of Hugg may have created the idea that environmenally-focused social news sites were a non-starter, but other services in this space, such as MindBodyGreen and the Care2 News Network have chugged on… green social media lives. One of the latest offerings in this niche brings together Digg-like voting and video: Shift Logic‘s “front […]