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What Can a Soccer Ball Teach Us about Embodied Energy?

When I stumbled upon this video of the production of an Adidas 2010 World Cup soccer ball, it struck me as a huge lesson in embodied energy. Embodied energy is a term to describe all of the energy that goes into the production of a product, whether it be a carrot, a book, a pair […]

March 10th

First Earth: Watch this Earthen Building Documentary Online

There’s a growing ecological awareness in all aspects of daily life, but some of our newfangled environmental actions have already been in practice for hundreds (or thousands) or years. “Green building” is an architectural movement that attempts to take the environment more closely into account in designing buildings, but the movement is generally very commercial. […]

February 4th

10 Ways to Support Charity Through Social Media

This post is a collaboration between Max Gladwell and Mashable’s Summer of Social Good charitable fundraiser. It is the second in our series of #10Ways posts being published simultaneously across as many as 300 blogs. Social media is about connecting people and providing the tools necessary to have a conversation. That global conversation is an […]

July 14th

Environmental Defense Fund: Vote for Your Favorite Climate Action Video

Today’s post is by Sam Parry, Director Online Membership and Activism, Environmental Defense Action Fund. Forget the Oscar buzz. Check out our Climate Activist’s Choice Award and vote for your favorite. Voting ends this Monday. Watch and vote now Global warming solutions are complicated. So, we challenged filmmakers and concerned citizens from around the country to […]

January 30th

Think Green Live Green Challenge: Uh…. Hello?!

So, I was all ready to pick a new video to feature this week, and went over to the Think Green Live Green Challenge page on YouTube to enjoy the latest offerings. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there were none! Did everyone’s video camera crash at once? Or, were the initial week’s offerings just […]

Think Green Live Green Challenge: Video of the Week #1

The videos are starting to roll in for Juntoventure’s “Think Green Live Green Challenge,” and organizations and individuals are answering the call to discuss their green activities and questions on YouTube. While the collection of videos is fairly small one week into the entry period, several of the submissions could easily be contenders for the […]

Think Green, Live Green… and Make a Video!

User-created video contests are all the rage lately, and Juntoventure, a non-profit organization dedicated to “sustainability education through digital media,” has joined the fun with its “Think Green Live Green Challenge.” Starting tomorrow (Friday, January 18th), the Challenge invites participants to do a little bit more than just make a video about green living practices […]