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Ivory Trade Ban Won’t Cost Musicians Their Instruments… but Will Save Elephants

Heard the one about the Obama administration wanting to confiscate musicians’ instruments when they return from international tours, auditions, etc.? If you’ve spent any time following right-wing media in April, you probably have… and not as a joke. Sites like The Daily Caller claim that the new regulations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service […]

Tuna Truths: The Pros and Cons of Canned Tuna

Growing up in South Dakota, I thought there were two kinds of fish. Trout and tuna. Trout were flappy and fun to catch, with beautiful rainbow-colored skin that my mom always complained about removing. They were in bountiful supply in the lake by my uncle’s mountain cabin. Conversely, tuna were small and round, with steel […]

March 21st

Book Review: A Hunter’s Confession, by David Carpenter

Author’s Note: A free review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher, Greystone Books. Like all of their titles, the book was printed on acid-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper without chlorine. To be perfectly candid and transparent, I must start this review by saying I am wholeheartedly opposed to hunting, for […]

July 13th

Off-Grid Living: Our Garden

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to have Les and Jane Oke join sustainablog’s team of contributors! Off-grid since 1993, the Okes have worked in a variety of fields, including renewable energy installation, organic market gardening, and print and online publishing. They’re writers first and foremost, though, and have published articles at Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, […]

June 10th