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What is Biodynamic Wine?

Do you look for the biodynamic label when buying wine? Prbably not — it’s not nearly as well-known as other certifications. Guest writer Jess Spate explains biodynamics, and why wine makers have so readily adopted these practices.

October 31st

Way Too Much Angst About GMO Crops

From what I read on various blogs and comment streams, there is WAY TOO MUCH ANGST OUT THERE about GMO crops. Too much angst because every significant panel of scientists that has reviewed this technology has concluded that it is as safe as any other domesticated food crop.  Too much angst because the reality is […]

June 8th

Musings of A Suburban Farmer on Harvest Day

[social_buttons] Today I picked the grapes from my vineyard.  I got 366 usable pounds from my 25 vines even though I lost at least 100 pounds to birds that somehow penetrated my elaborate net system.  The harvest will still give me between 90 and 115 bottles of what I hope will be decent wine – […]

October 3rd

Wine, Tea, and TV Dinners: “The Green” Does Food

Regardless of how “green” we consider ourselves, we’re all concerned about the quality of the food we put on our own plates and serve to our families. Tonight, the Sundance Channel’s The Green explores the world of food, from farm to plate. It’s award-winning series Big Ideas for a Small Planet profiles a large food […]

Wining about Global Warming

Last week, 350 wine makers and scientists from around the globe discussed how global warming is effecting their wines and how they can adjust their productions to emit less emissions themselves. Carbon sequestration was a hot topic, whereby carbon dioxide (CO2, a major contributor to global warming) is captured and stored underground, instead of letting […]

February 18th