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Natural Alternatives to Rock Salt For Walkway Ice

We love quick fixes. On oh-so many levels, we try to quickly and easily fix something without thinking ahead to the potential longer term problems that often result from the quick fix solution. You can throw rock salt into that very broad category, since it is the number one preferred quick solution for melting ice […]

February 11th

I Heart Wool Socks: Why Wool Clothing is So Lovely & Warm

These recent winter days, temperatures are hovering in the low teens, and nighttime temperatures plummet to 0º or below. This is the first winter I got a hold of some wool socks, and boy oh boy, I can easily claim they have revolutionized my winter comfort. I will never go back to wearing socks other […]

February 10th

Living With The Seasons: What Are You Doing Right Now?

What are you doing during this time of year? Are you in your office, sitting in front of a computer? Are you outside in a garden, harvesting lettuce and greens? When it gets brighter earlier, do you wake up earlier, too? Is the winter snow merely a deterrent to getting to work? Does your day-to-day […]

June 21st

White-Throated Sparrows and the Return of Old Sam Peabody

Just because I am an admitted “nature lover,” that does not mean I have an equal affection for everything in and about nature. Who does? I mean, does anyone really love mosquitoes? Cockroaches? Hurricanes? Natural pests and disasters aside, there is one thing about nature in particular that is always hard to love or even […]

October 26th

How to “Winterize” Your Bicycle!

For many of us who take environmental protection into our own hands daily, a bicycle is an indispensible part of the dream.  Throw off those winter blues… bicycling can make your winter green! Bicycles are an efficient way to transport yourself daily for a number of reasons.  To me, the most important benefit to using […]

October 19th