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Simple Living: Where Frugality and Ecology Meet

My family and I live an ecological lifestyle on one part-time income. To me, living out my values means living simply, living debt free, and living in a way that honors the earth. The primary way I do this is through frugality. The same skills and values that allow me to be resourceful with money also allow me to be a good steward of natural resources.

April 24th

The Benefits of Telecommuting as a Counselor

There is a billboard near where I live in Oakland, CA that says, “Driving to work is so Q3 2010.” Today, more than 20 million Americans work from home at least some of the time and it is starting to make a real impact on our carbon footprints. For example, the World Wildlife Fund published […]

February 4th

Simple Living and Operating a Sustainable Green Business

“Simple living” continues to garner much pop culture hype, sparking books, magazines and a slew of self-help opportunities to assist you to declutter, scale back and slow down. Environmentally conscious and sustainable living fall under the simple living radar, but where does ecopreneuring or running a green business fit in? My wife and I incorporated […]

August 6th