Zero Waste Home: Reducing waste and eating out

Published on May 30th, 2017 | by

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So far in this Zero Waste Home series, I’ve discussed grocery shopping and cooking. But I’m a city girl at heart who feels a strong draw to explore my bigger home: San Francisco. That’s why I’ve worked to bring my zero-waste habits to the restaurants, cozy cafes and easy, family-style pizza parties I often frequent. Check out […] read more

Easy Upcycling: Transform Laminate Countertops into “Granite”

Published on April 25th, 2017 | by

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By Jennifer Tuohy We love to hate laminate countertops. They’re durable and functional, but they look utilitarian. They also last forever, which makes ripping them out to install trendy stone countertops a tough decision. We don’t want to send them to the landfill when they still have life left in them, but we want to […] read more

Easy Upcycling: Filing Cabinet Into Garden Storage

Published on March 27th, 2017 | by

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By Jennifer Tuohy The combination of working from home and managing the lives of a family of four means accumulating a lot of paperwork. Despite my efforts to live a paperless lifestyle—via scanning and recycling—I simply cannot live without a good filing system. For many years, I used a beat-up old filing cabinet stashed in […] read more

Zero Waste Home: Basic Grocery Shopping Tips

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My zero waste goal has given me a new appreciation for grocery shopping. In my previous life, I often ordered from Instacart, a service that delivers groceries to your door. It was so convenient, but so wasteful! I was always stuck with extra bags, big plastic containers and free giveaways I didn’t want to eat. […] read more

sustainablog’s New “Zero Waste Home” Series

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Whatever your political party affiliation, we can all agree that strong, centralized environmental policy will not be a priority under Donald Trump. If Americans care about a healthy planet, we’ll have to persuade state and local governments to care too, or roll up our sleeves and get to work ourselves. For this reason, I’ve challenged […] read more