Cargo Bikes that Look Cool… Really!

tilt action cargo bike

Cargo bikes look kind of clunky, which may explain why they’ve been slower to catch on in the US. Still, if you’re looking to go low/no-car, a bicycle with room for groceries could go a long ways towards getting you there – they’d be even more convenient than the bus/train for shopping trips. Denmark’s Butchers and Bicycles has figured out how to lower the clunky factor in a cargo bike: tilt action! Take a look at this post from sister site Planetsave for the deets on this sweet ride (that goes on sale this month):

New Cargo Trike Rocks It! (VIDEO) (via Planetsave)

Cargo bikes and trikes are just starting to catch on in North America, after a long history in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. And now might be a great time to jump in and get one. Copenhagen-based Butchers and Bicycles has created a pretty…

Top image credit: screen capture from “MK1 – Tilt-action cargo trike from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen” video

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  • Awesome cargo bike! Also love the vintage-inspired feel of the video!