Activism Opportunities: Alaska and Greenland

OK, so I’m breaking the one-post rule again, but had a couple of activism opportunities arrive today that I thought were worthy of your attention:

As soon as September 27, a very special wild place could be sold to the oil and gas industry –Β– unless we act now!

The Teshekpuk Lake region, one of the most important and remarkable wetlands on the planet, is essential habitat for millions of birds and tens of thousands of caribou. It is also a stunning sweep of landscape, remarkable even in Alaska where a grand scale is the only scale.

Together, we can get the Interior Department to do the only sensible thing: cancel the September 27 sale of this precious public land.

The sale is imminent! Act quickly before it’Β’s too late!

  • Also, Kiehl’s is teaming up with the NRDC to raise awareness (and money) about global warming’s effects on Greenland. At ClickforGreenland.com, you can learn more about the tragedy in the making up north. Additionally, Kiehl’s will donate 25 cents for the first 500,000 people to click on the “Click Here for Greenland” logo. It’s an easy way to find out more about the dramatic impact climate change is having on this Arctic region, and to contribute a bit to fighting it.

Of course, feel free to pass on other activism opportunities that might be of interest.

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