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College Tree Publishing, which published the very successful What We Think: Young Voters Speak Out last October, has asked me to announce that they are again looking for authors in the 17 to 25 age group to submit contributions for their upcoming titles What We Think: Politics 2006 and What We Think About God. I’m intrigued by College Tree’s concept: according to co-owner and editor Seth Spores, the company

[consists of] a Republican, Democrat and Libertarian leaning editor, [and tries] to give fair and equal voice to all ideologies present among college age youth… All authors are given full credit for their work, a short bio is dedicated to them in the back of the books, and we’ve been arranging book signings and talks across the country for authors in our current edition so these young authors get the credit and visibility they deserve. Let me stress finally that individuals submitting need not be in college to qualify for publication.

Sounds like a great opportunity for young writers! Contributor guidelines are available here.

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