Another Great Green Fest

Starting tomorrow, I’ll get back to the normal sustainablog routine of more substantive content on news and developments in the world of sustainability. But after a long weekend of Green Fest-ing, it’s definitely in the forefront of my mind. We had a great time, met many wonderful people, and learned much from spending time with other exhibitors. I tend to call Green Fest a “trade show,” but that’s a real generalization, as it’s truly a festival in all respects.

Many thanks to the organizers, Co-op America and Global Exchange. Many, many thanks to the members of the GO team who dedicated much time and effort to organizing our presence there, particularly Lead Edwards, Ryan Thibodaux, and Sharon Troy. And, of course, thanks to all of you that came by to see what we’re up to…

We also need to thank Ryan’s wife, Poppy Nguyen, for the great photographs. Here are a few more…

David gets a little loopy towards the end, and entertains us all with the (non-organic) Mexican bottle dance…


Ryan and Jeff: the OGFGs (original Green Fest gangstas)

The gang’s all here… and tired! From the left: Jan, J.D., Sharon, David, Ryan, Brad, and Jeff

  1. marguerite manteau-rao

    I did go to the Green Fest, and had quite a different impression, mostly of being overwhelmed by the very palpable green consumerism that permeated the whole event.

    I share my impressions in an article I wrote for Groovy Green. You can link to it from my site.

    What I appreciated most about the Fest, was the ability to connect with some old friends, and go home with some insights into the green consumerism bit . . .

    ‘It’s All About Green Psychology’

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