Another Interesting Offer

When I first threw out the offer to join Treehugger back in April, Prof. Goose at The Oil Drum contacted me to see if I’d like to move sustainablog to their network of sites. We’ve bounced the idea around some since then, and I’m both flattered and interested. As always, I wanted to throw this out to all of you before making a firm commitment.

This wouldn’t be a case of sustainablog being merged into TOD, but rather remaining a individual blog within their network. I’d still do the exact same things that I do now as far as coverage and commentary. sustainablog would look a little different, but the blogging would be the same: news, developments, and innovations in the wide world of sustainability. I would maintain editorial control. We see it as a “win-win”: TOD gets broader coverage of green issues within its umbrella, and sustainablog gets access to the large and loyal audience they’ve built relatively quickly (I need to find out some of those secrets!).

Obviously, this would involve a URL change — I’d keep the site here for some time in order to redirect you. It would also mean a change in the site feed, though I’m pretty sure I can redirect the Feedburner feed to any other one — those of you subscribed through Feedburner wouldn’t have to change a thing. I realize most feed subscribers request the Atom feed, though, so you would want to switch over.

I’m interested to hear what you think. In my mind, this is only a change to some surface features… I’d love to know if you think differently.

UPDATE: I put this in the comments, but I wanted to make sure it was clear: I’m not leaving Treehugger. I did discuss this with them first, as I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with them…

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