Apple Reveals “Cleaner” iPod, Removes Toxins and Reduces Packaging

iPod NanoMy Nano is ancient. It doesn’t even show video. Every time my husband has asked me if I wanted to get a new one, I’ve stoicly told him, “no.” It plays music just fine. There’s no need to buy something new. Plus, I don’t want to instill in my children the idea that perfectly useful things need to be replaced just because something newer and shinier with more bells and whistles is available.

Yesterday, when the news started flying around about Steve Jobs introducing iTunes 8 and the new 4th generation Nano at Apple’s September event, I kind of glossed over it. My husband mentioned a few things about it last night, though, and I got curious. Looks like Apple is further making good on the promises they made in 2007 to green their products and their processes.

What’s greener about this new Nano than my ancient one?

  • It has arsenic-free glass
  • It doesn’t contain any PVC, mercury or brominated flame retardants
  • A metal casing that is very recyclable

Apple has been working on greening its act for the past couple of years. In addition to making their products greener, they have been changing their packaging and shipping to more sustainable methods and say they are always looking to improve. They also take back their products at the end of their life for free for recycling.

So what do you think? Are these measures admirable? I think they are. But just because they are admirable doesn’t mean I have to run out and buy a new Nano. I’m tempted, but I still think the greenest iPod is the one I already have – the old girl has nothing to worry about for now.

Image courtesy of Flickr

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  1. missy

    Thank you Robin for getting this info to me I am not in the news enough to find have come across it myself. I find it hard to believe. You know I’ with you on using a product until it dies. Good job.

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