Big Businesses Aren’t the Only Ones Buying Green Tags

Recently, we’ve seen lots of news about big companies such as Whole Foods and Fed-Ex Kinko’s greening their energy use with renewable energy credits; the big corporations aren’t the only ones getting in on this game, though. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch comes news of Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Market, a Richmond-area business that is joining a handful of other Virginia businesses in buying 100% green power:

“We’re making a big statement about the environment by doing this,” said [Richard T.] Hood, the store’s owner.

Ellwood Thompson’s becomes the first Richmond-area business — and one of seven companies or local governments in Virginia — to buy the renewable energy credits, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership. Most renewable energy comes from the wind or sun.

“It is something that other companies will probably emulate,” said Blaine Collison, a director of the EPA program involving the agency and organizations favoring renewable power. …

The energy credits bought by Ellwood Thompson’s would reduce carbon dioxide pollution by 1.4 million pounds annually, [Quayle Hodek of Renewable Choice Energy] said. That would be the equivalent of taking 128 cars off the road for a year.

“We have been involved in environmental efforts for a while,” Hood said. “We decided to take that effort another step. The environment is a constituent of ours.”

If more companies would buy energy credits, Hood said, it would help develop wind power and make it more affordable.

Exactly! BTW, Quayle Hodek is the good buddy/business partner of our good friend Shea Gunther — congrats on another, if smaller, sale!

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