Black and Green and Read All Over

Fascinating Interactivist interview at Grist with Norris McDonald, president of the African American Environmentalist Association. If you were around to witness my dialogue with Michael K. Dorsey (here and here) a while back, you’ll recognize much of this, including outright criticism of mainstream environmental groups, and (in McDonald’s case) a more subtle attack on “The Death of Environmentalism.” I’m a little surprised to see McDonald supporting nuclear energy, as I’m guessing (though I can’t say for sure) that nuclear plants often end up nearer poorer minority neighborhoods, like so many other means of generating power. I definitely like his idea of mainstream environmental groups putting some of their warchests into “services” (he mentions “team[ing] with electric utilities to offer $5,000 plug-in hybrid electric cars that you pay for in your regular utility bill.”). Michael, if you’re still around, I’d love to hear your comments…

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