Book Review: David Suzuki’s Green Guide – A Resource Chock Full of Ideas

David Suzuki's green guideWhen it comes to the environment, I’m all about doing. I try not to worry about the things I’m not doing yet or judge others for the things they’re not doing. My theory, since I started making changes has been A Little Greener Every Day. Start where you’re at, and grow greener daily.

David Suzuki’s Green Guide written by ecologist David Suzuki and environmental lawyer David R. Boyd is a book all about what individuals can do, starting right where they’re at, to be greener.

The blurb on the front cover of the book reads, “How to find fresher, tastier, healthier food, create an eco-friendly home, make sustainable transportation choices, reduce consumption, and be a green citizen.”

I would describe the book as “Greening Your Life 101 for Regular Folk.” Chapter 1 begins with the question “What Can I Do?” and the book goes on to discuss what people can do, what others already are doing, and lists lots of resources.

It starts out, as any book on changing environmental habits should, with explaining the environmental problems that are prevalent today. Focusing on America’s contributions to the problem, it calls for a reduction of North Americans’ ecological footprint by at least 75% if a sustainable future is to be obtained. That’s a tall order.

The guide is hopeful though, and says that “after a destructive period of human arrogance” we are now in a “time of transition between the industrial era and the sustainability era.” I like the sound of that. The authors believe that “people’s values are evolving rapidly” and provide a blueprint so that people’s actions can reflect their rapidly evolving values.

With chapters on how to green the home, food, travel, and consumerism the basics are covered for beginners, but there is also some more in-depth information for those who have already changed out their light bulbs and started haunting farmer’s markets. There is also a chapter titled “Citizen Green” that discusses volunteering and political activism to benefit the environment.

David Suzuki’s Green Guide is very information intense. There is a lot packed into its 175 pages. I didn’t find it a book that I could sit down and read all at once. I had to take it in little bits at a time because there was so much to take in.

I would recommend that someone new to going green who chooses this book take it a chapter at a time. Read one chapter, implement a few of its changes, then try another chapter. Trying to read it all at once might be overwhelming.

For those who aren’t so new to going green, it’s a great resource guide to flip through when you need inspiration or ideas.

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  1. Suziki NWO

    Suzuki is the worse type of human being. An influence peddler working for the New World Order and the Big Boys – a cheerleader for the false Environmental groups. No one that has half a brain and can actually follow the news believes in man made global warming. It’s set to be the coldest year in a long time. Now it’s being called Climate change. How about the Sun is going through a cycle. David Suziki – shame on you and your disgusting Eugenics (now Bioethics) friends. How about some talk about real Environmental issues like the loss of the bees, mercury and hard metals in our vaccines and the air. Flouride in the water. Pollution directly into the air, land and water by major corporations, human animal genetic hybrids, GMO crops, Codex Alimentarius?

  2. Robin Shreeves

    Suzuki NWO – strong opinions from someone who isn’t open to identifying himself. Don’t get me wrong, we’re open to strong opinions around here. In fact we welcome them. It’s just nice to know who has them. It gives the person with an opinion a bit more credibility.

    Suzuki and Boyd do touch on a few of those things you mentioned, but not many of them because this book is for individuals who want to make a difference in their personal actions.

    I think that people need to change their personal actions before corporations and governments will change theirs. Take the GMO’s you mentioned. As long as people are clamoring for inexpensive, processed, out of season foods, they are (probably without realizing it) asking for GMO’s.

    Individuals have responsibilities to work towards the change of real environmental issues – this book gives them ideas and resources.

  3. mateo

    love this read. it was also instrumental in our research as we created an online guide for people wanting to green just about anything. suzuki is a pioneer in the field.

    btw, to suzuki nwo… the climate debate has evolved. the question is not whether we are to blame (there is wide consensus that humans have affected weather patters)… the question now is what are the best ways to act. read the science. learn the facts. check out a group that aggregates the findings from all scientists: http://www.ipcc.ch/
    climate is changing. we are responsible and need to act now.

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