Branson Calls for European Hybrid Production

WorldChanging points us to another Green Car Congress post that I overlooked: Sir Richard Branson, of Virgin fame, has suggested publicly that the MG Rover Group (which is virtually bust) move into the hybrid vehicle market:

My solution is a radical one, but would help with what I see as BritainΒ’s pending energy crisis. We should steal the green mantle from the Japanese and Americans and become the first European manufacturer of hybrid cars. […]

…no one makes them in Europe. Meanwhile oil prices are soaring, our own North Sea reserves are running out and the evidence of global warming is overwhelming.

While Branson makes some snafus in his Independent op-ed according to GCC and WC, we’re clearly seeing the kind of forward thinking that made this guy a billionaire. And while Toyota and Honda are making cars that people obviously like, imagine what a bit more competition might do for the spread of hybrid technology.

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