BRC 12: Bikes to the Rescue

From BikeBiz.com via TriplePundit, SRAM and Trek are providing a sustainable way for Sri Lankans affected by last winter’s tsunami to become mobile again: a “bicycle provision program, ” Project Tsunami:

The program will provide 18 335 adult bikes for “greater access to jobs, commerce, food and medicine, and independence.”

6041 children’s bikes will be provided for “commutes to school, help with supporting the family, fun, play, and healing.”

The bikes will be sourced locally to “ensure correct specification and that recipients are familiar with bikes. It also provides access to spare parts, eliminates supply chain, shipping costs, duties, logistics, and assists the local economy.”

World Bicycle Relief will also “train and equip selected individuals in bicycle maintenance. This creates and professionalizes jobs, and ensures a sustainable bicycle community.”

World Bicycle Relief believes that bicycles can provide the basis for personal independence and mobility.

“By providing bicycles to those most impacted by the tsunami, we are providing them with a key to rebuilding their lives, their livelihood and their communities.”

This is great. “Returning refugees to independence and livelihood” is a huge challenge, I’d imagine, and yet these companies and organizations have found a way to do it that also contributes to cleaner air and healthier lives for these people.

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