BRC 3: Curt Rosengren: Do You Have a Sustainable Career?

Today’s first guest post comes from Curt Rosengren, who publishes Alternative Energy~Renewable Energy and The Occupational Adventure(sm), and operates Passion Catalyst(sm), a service for helping people “discover careers that leave them energized, excited and engaged.” Curt’s combined his own passions into this post.

Do you have a sustainable career?

Far too many don’t. You know the ones. They live for the weekend, and a sense of dread creeps up on them throughout the day on Sunday as Monday looms ever closer.

Inevitably there are a million good reasons why they can’t make a change – responsibilities and commitments (family, mortgage, etc.), lack of experience, lack of education. The list is endless.

If there’s one thing I want to tell the 80% of the population that isn’t on fire about their work, it’s that they CAN make a change.

We tend to think of change in black and white terms – 5:00 Friday night I’m one thing, and 8:00 Monday morning I’m something else. Unfortunately, for most people, that just isn’t an option. So they decide change isn’t possible and just stay stuck.

But change comes in many different shapes and sizes. For example, their career change could be a five year process. They could set a goal for where they want to go, stay on the track they’re on, and work towards that goal on the side. It doesn’t have the immediate gratification we all want, but if they DON’T do it, guess where they’re going to be five years down the road?

The most important part of making a change isn’t making the big dramatic splash. It’s taking that first step. And then the one after that. And then…well, you get the idea.

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